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Guatemalan & Honduran Organics

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These two coffees come from Central America.  They are Certified Organic and Fair Trade.

Honduran Corah-Certified Organic - Fair Trade - This coffee is said to have a toasted bread, buttery, cozy, sweet taste with a clean finish.

Guatemalan Certified Organic - Fair Trade- A well balanced medium to light body coffee with delicate smoky, spicy, and chocolate undertones and good acidity*.

 Mystic Pony Gourmet Coffees are freshly roasted and packaged in the great northwest.  Freshly roasted coffee is a truly enjoyable experience. Mystic Pony coffees are small batch roasted on demand to ensure your purchase is as fresh as possible.  Try each of their specially selected varieties from around the world for their own unique qualities.  In addition, the high quality bags allow gases to escape, yet keep the air out, to preserve the freshness of the coffee.

*Acidity in coffee denotes quality and is a very desirable characteristic. This is determined by a certain sharpness or brightness but not bitterness. It can be equated to a citrusy, lemony, or berry like quality.

Available as whole bean or gound coffee.